Monday, May 3, 2010

its quite a while now~~

Dah lame sgt x dtg cnie~~
its 4 in the morning when im writng this
while hearing to chop suey, toxicity
(seriously i dunno why i picked those songs)

anyway, many of spm leavers is excited about going
to matrix, university, abroad
(yes abroad. some are currently undergoing foundation already)
and yada yada yada.

as for me~~ for matrix~~ i got Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis
and UiTM Kuala Pilah for diploma in microbiology.
Common question that was asked to me is..
"Nape x pegi matrik? Bkn ko pandai ke?"
and the answer is...
"uh... matrik nk kene strive gegile.. rajin satu hal. ak ni jnis malas sket"
got it memorized? (thx for axel for the quote)

not to mention for the interview results....
from my trusted intels, (wow. i even have intels.. kidding...)
both mara and jpa results will be out around 3rd week of may
even some of us already started countdown for the 'awaited event'

oh, i almost forget. many thanks to my friends that have been attending
'we are 1992' and 'republic of 92's' daily night skype conference.
to shahamin@masasa, study hard for your foundation to....
(is it jordan or egypt? haha i cant remember)

i end my sudden-awake-blabbering with all the best to all of us
and success in everything we do~~~

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